Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Client: Muvico Theaters
Architect: Behr Browers Architects
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Project Overview:

In 2008, ForSight Creations was selected to provide complete design/build signage services for Muvico Theaters, which is well-known nationally for their elaborate and decorative “themed” theater experiences. The new Muvico 14 Theater in Thousand Oaks, which also houses an upscale bar and grill, was planned and designed by Behr Browers Architects with a Parisian “art nouveau” theme. As a result, all interior and exterior signs, fonts, colors, shapes and architectural elements were carefully designed and chosen to contribute to the themed environment.

ForSight’s design process began by working with the client and the architect to review colors, fonts and shapes that were prevalent in art and architecture throughout the art nouveau movement. ForSight then underwent a detailed font study in order to create a completely custom “project font” that was reminiscent of the time period, yet easier to read and more feasible for fabrication and lighting purposes. The custom “project font” was then integrated into all interior signage throughout the theater, including things like restroom signs, concession signs, and directional signs, which all served as subtle reminders of the “themed” environment and which also gave the space a consistent look and feel.

Multiple signs were designed and produced for “Bogart’s”, which is the bar and grill located on the second level of the theater. The largest sign was mounted to 2 adjacent posts and spanned more than 17 feet in length. Additional metal “scroll” work, which was also typical of the art nouveau movement, was fabricated, rolled and welded to the poles underneath the sign cabinet. This particular sign was intended to increase restaurant traffic, as the sign is visible to passing cars from the exterior of the building through the glass walls which span from floor to ceiling. All of the “Bogart’s” signs were softly backlit in order to create a subtle and sophisticated glow within the theater, while still achieving maximum readability at a greater distance. In addition, the back of the largest “Bogart’s” sign holds a 60” monitor which faces the patrons seated at the restaurant and bar.

The large exterior marquee sign was designed and fabricated to house a full-motion LED display which the client uses to show movie trailers and times. ForSight was able to build a custom frame and then integrate the LED display into the sign itself. Other exterior signs included 2 sets of channel letters on either side of the building which are visible from the busy 101 Freeway. These channel letters utilized both LED technology and neon in a dual illumination system that allowed for the letters to be lit through the face, as well as from behind to create a “halo” effect. In addition, the exterior signs on the front of the building included the “Muvico” channel letters, a push through “Theaters” cabinet, and a large “14” circular disk which all utilized LED technology.

ForSight Creations also provided a variety of artistic, scenic and architectural elements for this project. ForSight produced the “night sky” in the ceiling above the second level restaurant by utilizing a variety of specialty and luminescent paints which react impressively when treated with a blacklight. Then a series of “decorative embellishments” were placed below the ceiling on the interior of the cylinder above the restaurant. These decorative elements were custom designed and produced from 1/8” PVC to provide flexibility and dimensionality.

In addition, ForSight produced the “entrance canopy” above the separate Premier theater entrance. The entrance canopy was intended by the architect to be reminiscent of the traditional entrances that are found leading into the Paris metro. Detailed working drawings were produced by ForSight, and through that process ForSight was able to value engineer the entrance canopy in order to make it more financially viable for the client. Specifically, the piece was fabricated from aluminum rather than steel, and a frosted “green-glass” acrylic material was used instead of tempered glass. Using these materials gave this iconic architectural element an identical look and feel while saving the client thousands.

Muvico Theaters brands itself as “The World’s Premiere Movie Experience” and has more than 14 theaters nationwide. They have become well know for their innovative theaters which often include things such as childcare, high-end restaurants, gaming rooms, and plush seating. They can be found online at www.muvico.com.

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The above photo is a reference photo showing an actual Metro entrance in Paris which served as a design inspiration for the entrance canopy, as well as for project colors and font.