Value Engineering

Because ForSight Creations has expertise in both design and fabrication, and because we’ve worked in such a variety of industries, we are able to provide a unique perspective and innovative solutions that others may overlook. This perspective, as well as our value engineering process, consistently allows for our clients to save drastically on large projects as well as small projects. It also allows our clients to consider additional signage options that were previously not thought to be financially viable due to budget constraints.

We've found that many sign projects can experience costly problems because of the complexity of the project or because of a lack of communication from all service providers involved in the process. For example, what happens if your designer creates a great concept that really isn’t feasible from a fabrication standpoint? Or what if a sign is designed in a way that would create installation complications and restrictions and that would ultimately inhibit a seamless and successful installation? Or what if a fabricator simply produces your project without a careful understanding of the design inspiration of the original concept? It happens more than you think.

But ForSight always looks to value engineer solutions for every project in order to provide the maximum amount of value for our clients. We undergo our design and conception process with careful considerations of fabrication, budgeting, engineering, and ease of installation in order to avoid potential problems down the road. Our process also includes a careful study of material choices, material finishes, method of fabrication or illumination, and installation techniques, as well as how all signs and graphics will be used and maintained. Our process has saved dozens of companies, such as RAND Corporation, untold thousands of dollars over the years.